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We are not just in the business of changing technology, we’re also in the business of changing the culture of healthcare. Our customers tell us how we're helping them to do that in the case studies below.


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  1. 30 Mar 2022

    Our ESG Commitment: Recycling Initiative In The Warehouse

    Over the last several years we’ve become more environmentally aware by packaging products made from recycled materials.

  2. 30 Mar 2022

    Our ESG Commitment: A Carbon Neutral Marketing Team

    Inspired by the company’s wider ESG approach, the Group Marketing team have set itself a challenge to become the first carbon neutral team in the business.

  3. 30 Mar 2022

    Our ESG Commitment: Keeping Data Safe

    At EMIS we are proud that we have a progressive security culture amongst staff, colleagues and our partners. Together we continually work to improve everyone’s security awareness through continued communications, education and training.

  4. 30 Mar 2022

    Our ESG Commitment: Electric Vehicle Scheme

    We've developed a brand new EV scheme that complements our overall benefits offering, enhance our approach to colleague engagement by providing ways in which to lead a greener lifestyle, and support our overall environmental targets too.

  5. 30 Mar 2022

    Our ESG Commitment: We're working with Macmillan to help improve cancer patient care

    To help support the improvement of cancer care, we’ve worked closely with Macmillan Cancer Support to develop a number of electronic tools and resources for healthcare professionals.

  6. 30 Mar 2022

    Our ESG Commitment: Benefits in Chennai

    Last year I was admitted to hospital for a severe medical condition and was unable to work for two months. During this time, EMIS really supported me.

  7. 30 Mar 2022

    Our ESG Commitment: Employee Wellbeing in Chennai

    My overall experiences with EMIS has made me who I am today and supported me through all aspects of life.

  8. 30 Mar 2022

    What ESG means to me

    I feel very strongly that at EMIS we always do the right thing. It’s in the very fabric of our organisation and it inspires me every day...

  9. 27 Mar 2019

    Helping more patients in less time

    A GP surgery in east London has drastically reduced admin and cut the time that patients wait for an appointment from up to four weeks to just one day.

  10. 27 Mar 2019

    Cutting admin time with ProScript Connect

    A pharmacy in east Yorkshire has reduced by 75% the time spent on managing controlled drugs prescriptions by using a new electronic monitoring system, integrated into the ‘ProScript Connect’ dispensary management system, developed by EMIS Health.

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