Proposed acquisition of EMIS Group

Business intelligence - from ward to board

29 Mar 2017

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is producing faster, more valuable reports using automated systems from EMIS Health.

EMIS Health systems help monitor service performance, patient care and resources, from ward to board level.

Manually producing reports from all areas of the Trust was resource intensive and time consuming.

Reports now produced in minutes

Andy Milsom, project manager, said: “Previously, if clinicians wanted data on how their service was performing, a bespoke report would be built manually – finding data from a number of separate systems and combining it. It could take a few days to produce bespoke reports, but now it can be done in a matter of minutes."

“The reports help our clinical and managerial staff get access to their information quicker, helping them make faster, safer decisions when it comes to patient care and productivity.”

Andy Milsom, project manager

Close partnership working with the Trust’s BI team meant that once the project was delivered from EMIS Health, the BI team had the and in-house capability to continue developing the solution to meet the evolving demands of the Trust and incorporate additional data sources.

Gaining intelligence and insight

Andy Milsom explained: “As well as the increased skills in the BI team, our analysts will be able to replace many of the 100 ad-hoc requests for bespoke reports and other outputs they receive each month with interactive self-service dashboards, allowing users to gain valuable intelligence and insight themselves as they explore and interrogate the data.”

Nottinghamshire Healthcare is now able to quickly and easily build its own reports and drill down into the data to really understand performance.

“At Board level, managers will be able to see summaries and reports on how the service as a whole is performing, presented in a way that makes the data easy to understand and interpret. At ward level, ward managers will see what is happening on their wards. They will all access the same data in a way tailored to their needs.” 

Making informed decisions on the ward using reports created in minutes