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Our ESG Commitment: Recycling Initiative In The Warehouse

30 Mar 2022

Historically in the warehouse, we packaged items using plastic materials such as bubble wrap. We could use up to 12 rolls a month, which equates to 600 metres!

Over the last several years we’ve become more environmentally aware by packaging products made from recycled materials. In the past six months we’ve invested in a cardboard shredder, which allows us to re-use boxes and turn them into packing material, removing most of the need for plastic.

In 2022, we’re looking at removing more plastic by using a new paper based ‘bubble wrap’, which will be used as the final protective layer around an item. We’re also transitioning to paper packing tape.

It’s important for us to be taking these steps to ensure we’re responsible and are minimising our impact to the environment. 


By Harvey McGrail, Warehouse and Logistics Operative.