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Our ESG Commitment: We're working with Macmillan to help improve cancer patient care

30 Mar 2022

To help support the improvement of cancer care, we’ve worked closely with Macmillan Cancer Support to develop a number of electronic tools and resources for healthcare professionals.

In 2017 Macmillan approached us with a request for us to digitalise their Cancer Care Review (CCR) care pathway. This care pathway provides resources and information for primary care professionals to identify, manage and support their patient’s cancer treatments. As a result of EMIS developing the first iteration of the pathway, Macmillan was then able to replicate this in other core clinical systems and additional platforms that have since become available. This resulted in Macmillan’s Cancer Care Review pathway being adopted in national Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) guidance.

From this foundation we’ve worked with Macmillan over the past five years to enhance and implement information and support through our clinical resources; for example, a new direct referral form means that when people living with cancer are having conversations with their primary care professional, they can be referred directly to the right Macmillan support team to enable them to get the information and support they need.

“While working with EMIS, we’ve been able to innovate, test ideas and implement real changes, which has allowed us to scale interventions to reach more people living with cancer.”

Sophia Nicola, Head of Clinical Engagement for Macmillan

Our suite of CCR and End of Life Care Quality Improvement reports can help clinicians review rates of screening uptake, referrals for suspected cancer and completed cancer care reviews, among many other crucial primary care activities. We also provide searches relating to the provision of information about cancer support services.


By Emma Coulson, Clinical Implementation Manager at EMIS.