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Saving an hour a day with EMIS Mobile

02 Sep 2016

More than 300 clinicians in Bromley are accessing real-time vital patient notes at the point of care using EMIS Mobile on an iPad.

Bromley Healthcare CIC first started using EMIS Mobile in the admission avoidance team. Nurses from the team visit patients in their homes, to help those whose condition is becoming less stable. Using EMIS Mobile, nurses can see up to date real-time patient information, without needing to take or record any paper notes on their home visits.

““I have found the iPad so much easier to be able to access patient records and note down new consultations. I can respond to patients who need urgent care more quickly.””

Wendy Silvester, advanced nurse practitioner for medical rapid response team

Jonathan Lewis, Chief Executive, explains the impact to the organisation: “All the iPads have 3G so for example an admission avoidance nurse can update a patient’s record in the morning, and a district nurse can see what’s happened when they visit in the afternoon. We have instances where more than one clinician from a different team will visit a patient on the same day – and now the information is there in real time, which is avoiding duplication.

““Giving staff EMIS Mobile on iPads has been transformational for us. It’s allowed us to improve the quality of care and reduce costs.””

Jonathan Lewis

"Nurses are no longer losing time having to go back to base at the beginning and end of each day to collect patient notes – they can focus more time on patient care. Using EMIS Mobile on an iPad is saving an hour each day.

 “Combining the existing benefits of the iPad with EMIS Mobile, we can use the location functionality to send the closest clinician to a patient – saving time and working more efficiently.

““More than 17,000 consultations have been recorded on EMIS Mobile in the first 18 months.””

Jonathan Lewis

"We’re so impressed that we’re rolling it out to all clinicians who can benefit from it across Bromley Healthcare. We’ve had great feedback so far – the clinicians love it.

“From a safeguarding point of view it has significant advantages too – we know where all our clinicians are so it helps us resolve lone working issues, and nurses can pick up any warnings they need to know about a patient visit, such as an alert about a vicious dog on the premises.”