Proposed acquisition of EMIS Group

What ESG means to me

30 Mar 2022

I feel very strongly that at EMIS we always do the right thing. It’s in the very fabric of our organisation and it inspires me every day.

Ever since EMIS was created in the late 1980s by two GPs, supporting better patient care has grown into a powerful energy that runs through the organisation. Many people have played their individual part but the energy of doing the right thing is bigger than any one of us. It inspires our teams and makes us truly care about the part we play in improving people’s health on an individual and national level.

Responsible, one of our corporate values, is something I see across all of our teams. The commitment to customers, to colleagues and to doing the right thing is inherent in EMIS’s culture and I’m proud to be the current custodian of a business with a long history of making positive social impact.

Reviewing EMIS’s contribution to social value this year as we form our ESG strategy has been a moment to sit back, take stock and realise just what we have already achieved for the greater good of UK healthcare and how much potential there is for us to do even more. I’m proud to take forward our ESG strategy to the next stage, guiding our culture of doing the right thing to create even more positive change in wider environmental, social and governance matters.

Andy Thorburn, Chief Executive Officer.