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  1. 11 Jul 2014

    EMIS grows market share in community, child and mental health and secondary care

    EMIS increased its share in community, child and mental health (CCMH), community pharmacy and secondary and specialist care in 2014.

  2. 08 Jul 2014

    How data can reduce visits to accident and emergency departments

    Last month, patient visits to hospital accident and emergency departments reached an all-time high – at a time of year known usually for its lower attendance figures.

  3. 29 May 2014

    UK first: pharmacists go live with GP record access

    EMIS Group, the UK leader in connected healthcare software and services, has announced a major step forward in joined-up healthcare.

  4. 02 May 2014

    EMIS achieves 99.8 per cent GPES data extraction for QOF

    EMIS – the UK leader in clinical IT systems for GPs and commissioners – has successfully extracted QOF data for 99.8% of its GP practices who are participating in the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES).

  5. 10 Mar 2014

    Healthcare needs a personal touch

    EMIS Group CEO - Chris Spencer - has shared the highlights from his inspirational visit to HIMSS2014 in his latest blog post for The Huffington Post this month.

  6. 07 Mar 2014

    Bromley Healthcare moves to EMIS Web

    Bromley Healthcare moves to EMIS Web

  7. 05 Mar 2014

    Digital Healthcare’s software ‘first’ for national diabetic eye screening programme

    Digital Healthcare is the first supplier to widely roll out software that will enable clinicians to comply with new protocols for managing the early identification and treatment of patients at risk of sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy.

  8. 10 Feb 2014

    EMIS EPR Viewer allows hospice staff to see key patient information

    Using EMIS Web Electronic Patient Viewer, Douglas Macmillan Hospice can now view key information for patients under their care in Stoke on Trent and North Staffordshire.

  9. 22 Jan 2014

    EMIS Web growing in primary and community care

    A total of 3,327 GP practices in England and Wales are now using EMIS’s transformational healthcare system, EMIS Web, according to the latest figures.

  10. 18 Nov 2013

    Three-quarters of iSoft users move to EMIS Web

    E-Health Insider says three-quarters of GPs that were using iSoft systems when CSC pulled support for its products have now switched to EMIS’s transformational clinical system.

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