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  1. 28 Jun 2010

    EMIS and INPS form joint venture company to connect UK healthcare professionals

    EMIS Group plc (AIM: EMIS) and INPS, the UK’s leading suppliers of healthcare software to GPs, today announce that they have formed a 50:50 joint venture company named Healthcare Gateway Limited.

  2. 22 Jan 2010

    CSE Healthcare Systems, INPS and EMIS join forces to integrate GP and community services

    Leading GP and community care system providers, EMIS, INPS (In Practice Systems) and CSE Healthcare Systems, have signed a Heads of Terms agreement to work together on the development of a solution to integrate the EMIS system, INPS Vision system and the RiO Community Care Record System.

  3. 07 Jul 2008

    EMIS offers patient record access online

    More than 50 per cent of GP practices can now offer patients secure access to their medical records online.

  4. 24 Apr 2008

    EMIS Web delivers ground-breaking interoperability

    The latest EMIS software – EMIS Web – is at the heart of two pioneering interoperability projects which are breaking down traditional barriers and helping to improve patient care.

  5. 12 Nov 2007

    EMIS supports welsh pilot for my health online

    EMIS Health – the UK’s leading provider of primary care systems – has for the first time offered its technologies on a ‘white label’ basis, to enable the piloting of online health services in Wales.

  6. 14 Jul 2006

    EMIS unveils tailored software system for children's centres

    Leading primary care IT supplier EMIS demonstrated a new system to help in care of the under-fives during a recent visit by health secretary Patricia Hewitt to Leicester.

  7. 10 Jul 2006

    EMIS moves into secondary care with Canadian contract

    EMIS has made its first foray into the secondary care sector with the signing of a $2million contract to supply its system of electronic health care records to a Canadian teaching hospital.

  8. 27 Apr 2006

    PRESS RELEASE: EMIS to deliver combined dental and medical electronic patient record system to Ministry of Defence

    EMIS has been selected to provide the electronic patient record system in the 10 year Defence Medical Information Capability Programme (DMICP) awarded by the MoD to LogicaCMG.

  9. 02 Nov 2005

    PRESS RELEASE: EMIS Celebrates UK’s first electronic patient record transfer

    Leading primary care IT software supplier EMIS today (Nov 2, 2005) confirmed that it has achieved the UK’s first live electronic transfer of a patient’s medical record.

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