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  1. 07 Jun 2016

    Streets ahead in innovation

    We’re constantly thinking about new trends, new technology and new research that can contribute to making our systems even better. Did you know we invest more than over one million man hours and £18m each year in research and development?

  2. 29 Apr 2016

    Saving an hour a day with EMIS Mobile

    More than 300 healthcare professionals working in the community in Bromley have been using EMIS Mobile for 18 months.

  3. 28 Apr 2016

    Three ways EMIS Health technology is helping to improve patient outcomes

    Improving patient outcomes is at the centre of everything we do - from the software we design with the patient at heart, to the way we work with customers to help them deliver the best possible patient care.

  4. 01 Apr 2016

    EMIS Care fights diabetic sight loss

    Yorkshire-based EMIS Group today re-launched its NHS eye screening business under the new name of EMIS Care.

  5. 31 Mar 2016

    EMIS Health puts GP record-sharing in patients’ hands

    State-of-the-art technology from EMIS Health is putting secure record-sharing into the hands of over four million patients in the UK.

  6. 31 Mar 2016

    QResearch data reveals risks of clinical outcomes for diabetes drugs with help from EMIS Health

    Important research published in The BMJ this week has found clinically important differences between different diabetes drugs for risk of key outcomes.

  7. 16 Mar 2016

    70,000+ Londoners to benefit from improved diabetic eye screening

    Over 70,000 Londoners are to benefit from a new centralised diabetic service that will make it easier to book and attend vital eye screening appointments.

  8. 16 Mar 2016

    Major contract gives EMIS Health up to 50% share of community pharmacy market

    EMIS Health has announced a major contract with Celesio UK to extend its market share providing community pharmacy systems and services to up to 7,000 community pharmacies.

  9. 15 Mar 2016

    EMIS Health supports UK Sepsis Trust and NHS England in early diagnosis fight

    Thousands of frontline medical staff across the NHS now have a new weapon in the fight against the killer condition sepsis.

  10. 29 Feb 2016

    Are wearables helping the right people?

    One in ten people in the UK has now used wearable devices, smartphones or apps to track their health and wellbeing. Chris Spencer’s blog for the Huffington Post looks at the take-up of wearable health technology.

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