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A new era of citizen health is shaping the future of care

18 Aug 2014

This month, Dr Shaun O'Hanlon - EMIS Group's chief medical officer - explains via HSJ exactly what is citizen health and just how patients are taking control of their own health and wellbeing through technology.

Read an excerpt from the post:

The sea change in society’s use of technology has had a profound impact, changing the way we all do things at work, play or managing our everyday lives. Everything is touched by it, from socialising to broadcasting, publishing, education and banking. The list is endless. But the impact on our health is just at the beginning.

The NHS has been slow to adopt citizen focused technology in many areas. Instead, we are seeing patients and innovative suppliers busy shaping the future of healthcare by tapping into the huge array of cutting edge solutions available.

This is “citizen health”: patients choosing the technology that they like to seize control of their own health and wellbeing.

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