Proposed acquisition of EMIS Group

CSE Healthcare Systems, INPS and EMIS join forces to integrate GP and community services

22 Jan 2010

Leading GP and community care system providers, EMIS, INPS (In Practice Systems) and CSE Healthcare Systems, have signed a Heads of Terms agreement to work together on the development of a solution to integrate the EMIS system, INPS Vision system and the RiO Community Care Record System.

The solutions will enable integrated workflows and care pathways and support the sharing of clinical data across GP practices and community services.

Extensive support will be provided for Children’s Services and workflows such as immunisation scheduling and management of Child Health records.

Users of the EMIS, INPS and RiO systems will also be provided with cross organisational appointment booking capability ensuring a more seamless and cost effective patient journey.

Sue Hawkswell, Managing Director for CSE Healthcare Systems said, “Working with EMIS and INPS will enable us to offer our community and child health users the levels of integration needed to manage the complex patient workflows across GP practice and community services.”

Sean Riddell, Managing Director of EMIS said, “This work fits perfectly with the shift in NHS thinking towards a connect all, rather than a replace all strategy. Close interoperability of best of breed systems building on existing systems is clearly the direction of travel for healthcare IT.”

Max Brighton, Managing Director of INPS commented, “This is a natural extension of the work already underway to enable healthcare systems to interact together for the real benefit of local healthcare communities and particularly the patients they serve. We are delighted to take part in this initiative.”

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