Proposed acquisition of EMIS Group

EMIS and Graphnet join forces for “2015 Consortium” framework for London and South

24 Jun 2013

EMIS, Graphnet Health and Healthcare Gateway Ltd have formed a strategic alliance to offer clinical information systems and services under the London 2015 initiative, the £300m framework agreement launched by a consortium of 30 NHS Trusts and community organisations in London and the South.

EMIS is one of nine suppliers selected for the framework by the 2015 Consortium and was successful in all three service areas, or ’Lots’. It is both prime contractor and supplier on Lot 1 (the application), Lot 2 (hosting services) and Lot 3 (integration, interoperability, reporting and portal services). Graphnet will be providing its CareCentric products and services for Lot 3, working as a subcontractor to EMIS alongside Healthcare Gateway, which will provide the MIG (Medical Interoperability Gateway) to deliver real-time data exchange between different healthcare systems.

Graphnet and EMIS have worked together successfully for some time. This alliance represents an opportunity to further develop the partnership and integrated working between the companies and their products. This will benefit the 30 Trusts tendering within this framework as well as all other EMIS Web and CareCentric clients across the UK.

EMIS’s next generation clinical system EMIS Web was a key part of its bid. The system was specifically designed to deliver cross-organisational integrated healthcare – enabling the secure sharing of clinical information between GPs and community teams across local communities.

Graphnet’s CareCentric product suite combines data from large numbers of systems and organisations into a single electronic record and makes it accessible to authorised users across a whole care pathway.

CareCentric already connects to the majority of GP systems and most of the major health and social care IT systems being used in the UK, giving Graphnet substantial experience in integrating large health communities. In Hampshire, for example, CareCentric integrates the data from 157 systems across 9 organisations and 142 GP practices.

Neil Laycock, Managing Director of EMIS, said: “We are delighted to have been successful in all three Lots – demonstrating our ability, together with our partners, to meet the needs of a wide range of healthcare professionals, beyond our heartland of GPs.

“We look forward to the opportunity to use our expertise to help these community and mental health trusts deliver safe, informed and joined-up patient care.”

Andy Bratt, managing director of Graphnet, said the 2015 initiative was going to play a major part in driving shared care forward across London and the South. “We are delighted to be part of this strategic alliance and to help deliver the solution set required.”

Both Graphnet and EMIS are already well-established in London and the South.