Proposed acquisition of EMIS Group

EMIS Care fights diabetic sight loss

01 Apr 2016

Yorkshire-based EMIS Group today re-launched its NHS eye screening business under the new name of EMIS Care.

Formerly Medical Imaging UK, the business has been part of EMIS Group since 2014 and is the UK’s leading provider of outsourced diabetic eye screening and ophthalmology imaging services to NHS trusts.

Now operating as EMIS Care, it continues with vital work for more than 550,000 patients across England– providing the annual specialist eye tests that can prevent sight loss in people with diabetes. One of its award-winning services operates in Bradford and Airedale, covering a population of 35,000 people.

EMIS Care work includes:

  • two renewed contracts, starting on 1 April 2016, to provide diabetic eye screening for around 94,000 people in the Midlands and 60,000 patients in the North East of England
  • a new diabetic eye screening service for 80,000 patients in South West London. The company sees this as an opportunity to provide a more accessible service that will encourage more patients to come forward for testing.

Chris Spencer, Chief Executive of EMIS Group, said: “EMIS Care is an important part of EMIS Group – providing a frontline service that exemplifies our mission of enabling longer, healthier lives.

“I am pleased to mark the launch of the new brand with these strong contract wins and look forward to the business’ continuing success.”

Chris Spencer, EMIS Group CEO

Kevin McDonnell, Managing Director of EMIS Care, said: “Annual eye screening for people with diabetes is a vital service that can prevent blindness.

“We are privileged to be trusted by the NHS to do this important work and delighted to continue the company’s 30-year history under the new name of EMIS Care.”

Find out more on the EMIS Care website.