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EMIS Health supports UK Sepsis Trust and NHS England in early diagnosis fight

15 Mar 2016

Thousands of frontline medical staff across the NHS now have a new weapon in the fight against the killer condition sepsis.

An EMIS Health initiative backed by the UK Sepsis Trust and NHS England has seen the software used by thousands of doctors updated this week to include a sepsis alert system.

The EMIS Web clinical software used by 60,000 GP practice users per week has been updated using an algorithm developed by The UK Sepsis Trust, which works to raise awareness of the condition among clinicians.

Carefully designed to avoid over alerting the clinician, the algorithm provides a series of escalating prompts when a patient is displaying potential symptoms of sepsis. This is now live in all surgeries where GPs use EMIS Web software - more than half of all GP surgeries in England.

“Using an algorithm developed by The UK Sepsis Trust, EMIS Health has produced an alert system that supports GPs in identifying patients who may have sepsis.”

Ron Daniels, chief executive and co-founder of The UK Sepsis Trust

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