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EMIS Health tops interoperability study

21 Jun 2018

NHS organisations rank EMIS Health the UK’s number one supplier for interoperability, according to a new report.

The NHS Interoperability 2018 report from US-based healthcare market research firm, KLAS assesses how easily NHS organisations are able to receive data from other bodies.  It interviewed 141 people from 124 NHS organisations in England – including CIOs, CCIOs, CIOS, executives, consultants, IT directors and GP practice managers.

Dr Shaun O’Hanlon, chief medical officer of EMIS Group, said: “The NHS needs to integrate care to improve care and outcomes and this means suppliers have to engage with their customers to enable interoperability in many different ways."

“Over our 30-year history we have consistently taken proactive steps to enable our systems to be interoperable”

Dr Shaun O’Hanlon, chief medical officer, EMIS Group

“These include: publishing our own open standards; setting up a joint venture (Healthcare Gateway Ltd) with a competitor and signed a ground-breaking agreement with TPP to support customers with a mixed GP systems economy. 

“This is delivering major practical benefits on the ground.  For example, in Merseyside, record-sharing has seen over 14 million patient records* accessed by different clinicians through EMIS Web – supporting the delivery of innovative services. Over 70% of prescriptions issued on EMIS Web in England are now electronic and EMIS is actively working with interOpen and NHS Digital to deliver FHIR based interoperability through the GP Connect program.  

“We are delighted that this independent report has recognised our important work and look forward to furthering our partnerships with customers and suppliers in the future.”

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