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EMIS’ integrated care technology wins hands down

18 Nov 2014

EMIS Group has proved that it is the UK’s top provider of integrated healthcare technology by winning a live public challenge.

The company beat INPS and TPP to smash the Care Pathway Challenge at major health tech event EHI Live recently (4-5 November 2014).

Best care pathway

Specialist Sales and Account Manager Jemima Stewart used a range of EMIS Group’s pioneering technology to present the best care pathway for fictional diabetic patient Maria and her husband – in just 12 minutes!

Her integrated care plan to meet the patients’ medical, social and psychological needs hit the spot with the audience. On a show of hands, EMIS won the public challenge with a landslide victory.

Efficient NHS care

Jemima showed how the Group’s joined up technology enables clinicians and CCGs to provide efficient, integrated NHS care for patients from first symptoms through to hospital care, discharge, self-monitoring, e-prescriptions and beyond.

“It was quite a challenge to fit it into 12 minutes,” said Jemima. “But the audience were blown away by our plan, which showed that whatever the scenario, EMIS Group has the technology to support patients, clinicians and social services in harnessing the best possible care in the NHS.”