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EMIS Mobile: connecting community care

21 Aug 2014

Community teams across the UK are benefitting from accessing patient information straight from their tablets with EMIS Mobile.

Created in line with the NHS strategy to become paperless by 2018, teams across the UK are already accessing key elements of EMIS Web when visiting patients - whether internet connection is available or not – removing the need for paper notes.

Thelma Howell, Director of Operations at North Somerset Community Partnership said: “EMIS Mobile is particularly useful, as it will enable us to deliver great healthcare even where there is no mobile signal – it’s a real plus in an area like North Somerset, where we struggle with mobile network coverage.”

EMIS Mobile also allows healthcare professionals to assign tasks, schedule appointments and open documents such as x-rays or discharge letters.

Rolling out EMIS Mobile is now easier than ever, with the app available directly from Apple, Google and Windows app stores. For more information; simply call 0845 125 5529 (option 2) or email