Proposed acquisition of EMIS Group

EMIS moves into secondary care with Canadian contract

10 Jul 2006

EMIS has made its first foray into the secondary care sector with the signing of a $2million contract to supply its system of electronic health care records to a Canadian teaching hospital.

The four-year deal with the University of Calgary to deliver EMIS PCS is a significant move for the Leeds-based company, which currently supplies software to 55 per cent of UK doctors’ surgeries.

The system will allow secondary healthcare professionals to access and share secure electronic patient information such as GP referrals, acute care hospital discharge summaries, operative and pathology reports and laboratory data.

“The EMIS EMR system allows us to take advantage of existing and developing networks between the University of Calgary and the Calgary Health Region,” said Dr. Steve Edworthy of the hospital doctors’ association that worked with EMIS on the project. “The software not only meets the workflow requirements of our clinicians, but it also scales to work across a group of multi-discipline users allowing our members to perform more effectively as physicians, educators, and researchers in the outpatient and community settings.”

Sean Riddell, Deputy Managing Director of EMIS, said: “EMIS has historically focused its attention on the primary care sector, however with the signing of this contract in Canada we are showing our ability to extend our expertise into the secondary care sector.

“Our systems are founded in primary care – and that remains a critical focus – however we are now scaling up to bring similar benefits to the secondary care sector.

“This has meant adapting the software which is currently designed to meet the generalist approach that is naturally undertaken by family doctors. The new system for the secondary care environment reflects the fact that outpatient doctors need to record more in-depth information about patients.

“The system we have developed for secondary care is also designed to complement EMIS’s existing birth-to-grave Electronic Health Care Record (EHCR) – it will dovetail with that.”

Specific hospital departments are already using EMIS systems, but this is the first application on a large scale across a number of departments.

Riddell adds: “Crucially it means we now have the potential for every individual ‘episode of care’ in secondary care to be stored within the patient’s birth to grave record.

“Our successful bid for this contract means we have now proved the flexibility of EMIS’s EHCR – in that it can be adapted to meet the challenges of the secondary care environment.

The Patient Care System (PCS) will be implemented in 10 specialist divisions of the University of Calgary’s department of medicine. It will be used by 400 healthcare professionals in specialist outpatient clinics for Endocrinology and Metabolism, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, General Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Haematology, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Respiratory and Rheumatology.

EMIS Canada was founded in 2005 and is the Canadian operation of EMIS, the UK’s leading supplier of IT systems in primary healthcare.