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EMIS secures GP data extraction contract

20 Dec 2011

EMIS – the UK’s leading provider of healthcare software and related services to GPs – has been awarded a six-year contract with the NHS Information Centre to develop a secure data extraction service covering all EMIS practices in England.

Under the contract, EMIS will provide a data extraction service to support the new national General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) – a centrally managed system that will obtain information from GP practices across England for specific, approved purposes, using robust information governance principles to ensure patient confidentiality and privacy.

EMIS, which has a majority share of the GP clinical systems market in the UK, is the first system supplier to sign a contract with the NHS Information Centre to help deliver GPES.

The EMIS data extraction service will be developed and managed through a new division of EMIS, EMIS IQ.

Tim Straughan, NHS Information Centre Chief Executive, said: “The NHS Information Centre’s GPES offers huge potential for supporting improvements in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness.

“We are delighted that EMIS has come on board as the first GP system supplier to commit to delivering the software required by GPES to safely and securely extract and communicate primary care data. EMIS’s involvement is an essential element in the arrangements we are putting in place in order to ensure the service can begin extracting and delivering the data in April 2013.”

Sean Riddell, Chief Executive of EMIS Group, said: “EMIS has long supported the principle of freeing up clinical data – consensually, securely and responsibly – to help improve patient care. We are therefore delighted to secure this prestigious contract.

“The data extraction service will be underpinned by the highest levels of security and information governance – building on the comprehensive work that EMIS has already done in this field.”

EMIS will design and build a secure platform from which GPES queries will be run. The initial contract term is for three years (2012-2014), with the potential for three subsequent one-year extensions.

The GPES data extraction service is the first major contract for EMIS IQ, a new division of EMIS established in summer 2011. It is headed by Matt Murphy, who joined EMIS from leading healthcare intelligence provider CHKS.

Managing Director of EMIS IQ Matt Murphy said: “High quality data is an essential part of the new NHS landscape – enabling the development of more patient-focused and cost-effective services. As the leading GP systems provider, EMIS is ideally placed to meet this need.

“Our ultimate aim for the EMIS IQ division is not only to meet the operational intelligence needs of healthcare organisations – for example, through data extraction services – but also to evaluate and disseminate system-driven clinical best practice, improving patient care for the long term.”