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EMIS Web GP roll-out accelerates

31 Aug 2012

The roll-out of EMIS’s transformational healthcare system, EMIS Web, continues to pick up pace, according to new statistics.

Latest statistics released to the City from EMIS Group plc today (31 August) showed that, at 30 June 2012:

  • EMIS had maintained its market-leading position, with a GP market share of 52.2% (5,290 GP practices)
  • There were 747 practices using EMIS Web GP; an additional 215 practices had the system installed in the period from 1 July to 30 August
  • There were 1,385 unfulfilled orders for EMIS Web GP and 2,753 GP practices in the Familiarisation Service.

The Group has put in place the majority of the people and processes necessary to support the accelerating roll-out of EMIS Web GP with a capacity of up to circa 200 EMIS Web practices per month by September 2012.

The report also highlighted the widespread use of EMIS Web outside GP practices. At 30 June 2012, its EMIS Web Integrated Care software – used by healthcare practitioners in community and secondary care settings – had over 5,300 seats covering 68 clinical specialities.

Sean Riddell, Chief Executive of EMIS Group, said: “We welcome moves within the NHS to facilitate local decisions, local clinical leadership and “the centre getting out of the way” by giving responsibility for decision-making and commissioning of healthcare services to GPs and other clinicians.

“Our well established strategy of delivering cross-organisational healthcare systems through EMIS Web, Healthcare Gateway and RX Systems, remains completely aligned with NHS strategy and EMIS Group looks forward to continuing to assist healthcare professionals to securely share patient data in a time and cost effective manner.”