Proposed acquisition of EMIS Group

EMIS Web roll out reaches 4,000

15 Oct 2014

Portishead Medical Group has become the 4,000th practice to go live with EMIS Web – England’s most popular primary care clinical system.

General Manager Kath Payne, said, “It’s so much easier to use. I love the way that reports can be scheduled to run daily/weekly, enabling me to track progress against key enhanced services simply by looking at one page.

Clinicians like the way that you can look at other data without having to come out of the patient record and code directly from the consultation. I often hear the comment, “this is great - look what I’ve found!”

Future plans

EMIS Web will support the practice’s plans to share records with community teams involved with a patient’s careacross the CCG. They also aim to develop services jointly with other practices.

Sending prescriptions to pharmacies electronically using EPSR2 will prevent delays or problems that can result from large volumes of paper moving around the practice.

EMIS Mobile will enable GPs to view and update patient records while they are with the patient. It will also reduce travel as they’ll be able to pick up additional visit requests whilst out and about and negate the need to return to the practice to collect summary printouts.