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Healthcare needs a personal touch

10 Mar 2014

EMIS Group CEO - Chris Spencer - has shared the highlights from his inspirational visit to HIMSS2014 in his latest blog post for The Huffington Post this month.

Talking about the conference, Chris explains his thoughts about personalising care to improve patient outcomes and clinical efficiency, saying: "It's not just about treating conditions; it's about treating an individual."

Read an excerpt from the post:

Healthcare should be "predictive, preventative, precise and personal" - so says Eric Dishman, Intel Fellow and general manager of Intel's Health and Life Sciences Group. I couldn't agree more.

These words are taken from comments Dishman made to me (and just a few thousand others) at the influential HIMSS14 event in Florida highlighting inspirational work around personalised care. It's not just about treating conditions; it's about treating an individual - recognizing their personality, behaviour and biology, even their specific genetic profile, and developing tailored treatment plans accordingly.

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