Proposed acquisition of EMIS Group

More EMIS Web practices go live

06 Sep 2013

The latest figures reveal that nearly 3,000 GP practices are now live with EMIS Web, the company’s transformational healthcare system.

A statement to the City from EMIS Group plc showed that as of today (6 September 2013):

  • 2,871 practices now have EMIS Web deployed; 291 have gone live since the last update at 30 June 2013
  • In Wales, EMIS began rolling out a hosted IT service with the first EMIS Web practice going live in June 2013
  • EMIS’s overall UK GP market share has risen to 52.4% (5,170 GP practices) despite continuing competitor marketing and PR activity (most publicly in certain parts of London) and some practice consolidation. This included wins from INPS, iSoft and TPP
  • Rx Systems, the Group’s UK pharmacy system provider, continues to grow with a market share of 34.9% (4,727 pharmacies).

The company has recruited Martin Bell as Director of Community, Children and Mental Health. One of the first projects to go live under his direction is in Glasgow, where EMIS implemented the first phase of a project to securely share information on 240,000 children across a range of community children’s services.

The Group also today announced the planned retirement of founder Dr David Stables, the Group’s Director of Development Strategy. He will continue to be available as a consultant, so that the Group can continue to benefit from his extensive sector experience.

Chris Spencer, Chief Executive of EMIS Group said that 2013 had been one of the busiest periods ever, with continuing strong revenue visibility and improved profit performance in the second half principally resulting from the growth in the EMIS Web GP estate.

He added: “We expect this to continue as the accelerated roll-out to GPs of EMIS Web…is maintained. We will also be redoubling our efforts to join up GPs with other clinicians and pharmacists engaged in healthcare in the community, and extending our reach into ophthalmology-related solutions and beyond that into specialist and acute care.”