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PRESS RELEASE: EMIS to deliver combined dental and medical electronic patient record system to Ministry of Defence

27 Apr 2006

EMIS has been selected to provide the electronic patient record system in the 10 year Defence Medical Information Capability Programme (DMICP) awarded by the MoD to LogicaCMG.

DMICP will be used by all three armed services, from peacetime use in the UK to frontline battlefields. EMIS PCS will combine both medical and dental details into a single MoD personnel health record and will include specific system enhancements to meet MoD requirements.

The system is fully interoperable with NHS systems and standards. This will ensure seamless services to both military and civilian patients in HM Forces and enable their records to be returned electronically to the NHS when they retire from military service.

EMIS, the leading primary healthcare IT provider and incumbent supplier of medical record systems to the MoD, worked closely with LogicaCMG throughout the bid for the DMICP contract, worth £80m.

Sean Riddell, Deputy Managing Director of EMIS, said: “We are delighted to support LogicaCMG in delivering this contract to the MoD, with whom we have already worked for a number of years. A major strength of our system is its interoperability with NHS systems – a vital component if personnel are to receive continuity of care on entering and leaving the armed services. We believe this system will help the MoD to deliver first class health care to their personnel. “

Joe Hemming, Managing Director of LogicaCMG’s space and defence division, said, “This latest win for LogicaCMG plays directly to our strengths and leverages our systems integration and design heritage with our business services capability. The EMIS electronic clinical record system is a key element of this programme.”