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Roll-out of Pharmacy Access progressing well in Rowlands pharmacies

22 Oct 2014

Rowlands pharmacies are rolling out one of Rx Systems' Pharmacy Access services to their 500 retail outlets across England.

Launched in May this year, Pharmacy Access combines Medicines Manager and GP Record Viewer (GPRV) to enable pharmacies to link to GPs using EMIS Web locally. It provides the tools for safer dispensing as well as facilitating services such as Medicines Use Reviews (MURs) and the New Medicine Service (NMS).

The Rowlands pharmacy roll-out involves the Medicines Manager service only at this stage. It is a secure way for ProScript® users to request repeat prescriptions electronically from GPs using EMIS Web.

Rowlands Managing Director Kenny Black said that implementing Pharmacy Access had been as straightforward a business decision as he had ever made. "The Medicines Manager service is streamlining repeat prescriptions management, allowing our branches to request repeats, electronically, directly from a GP surgery using EMIS Web. The deployment of the My Local Pharmacy app into our outlets will also further enhance the relationship with new and existing patients. This additional service closes the loop in management of prescriptions and more critically, secures ongoing patients' nomination. The efficiencies these services will drive into our business will allow our trained healthcare professionals to deliver even better care to our patients countrywide."

Rx Systems Managing Director Ian Taylor said: "We are delighted to see Rowlands embracing technology that will really make a difference in enabling pharmacy to play its proper role in the community health team. With the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's recent call for the profession to manage minor illnesses to relieve the burden on GPs and A&E - and save the NHS £1billion - it is more important than ever to have the technology in place that enables pharmacists to do their job more safely."