Proposed acquisition of EMIS Group

Statement on reported NHS cyber attack

12 May 2017

There is a widespread cyber attack on NHS computer systems and other organisations today. There is no evidence to suggest that EMIS Health systems have been compromised or impacted as a result of this incident.

Some of our customers have chosen to shut down their entire computer networks to safeguard their organisations, which means that our software is not available for those users. This includes customers using both our hospital and GP software. EMIS Web continues to be available as normalĀ for users unaffected by the cybersecurity incident.

We are working closely with affected customers to support them, and with NHS Digital. We have a 24/7 cybersecurity team monitoring EMIS systems to ensure that we protect them from attacks such as this.

If you are an EMIS Health customer and need support or advice on this issue, please call your local IT team/CCG, or call our support team on the relevant number listedĀ here.