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Streets ahead in innovation

07 Jun 2016

EMIS Group solutions are widely used across every major UK healthcare setting: from primary and community care, to high street pharmacies, secondary care and specialist services.

We’re uniquely placed to lead the field. We’re known for our healthcare innovations and our systems are widely used – that means thousands of front-line clinicians benefit from the latest technology.

We’re constantly thinking about new trends, new technology and new research that can contribute to making our systems even better. Did you know we invest more than over one million man hours and £18m each year in research and development?

Every new EMIS Group innovation has to meet one criteria: it has to make a contribution to our aim to support longer and healthier lives.

Chris Spencer, EMIS Group CEO, outlines our approach to keeping the patient at the centre of innovation in his article real healthcare innovation always answers a simple question


“Strip back the tech-talk and science-speak and ask this simple question: will it help us avoid or better treat ill-health?”

Chris Spencer, EMIS Group CEO

Our work on helping to alert our customers to the symptoms of Sepsis has been hailed by The UK Sepsis Trust as a major step forward in The UK Sepsis Trust’s work.

We’re leading the field too when it comes to user experience: Dr Shaun O’Hanlon, EMIS Group clinical director outlines how we consider not just what our systems do, but the holistic user experience in our developments.

These are just some of the articles you can find in the thinking section of the EMIS Health website: a collection of the latest articles that our directors have been asked to contribute to publications such as the Huffington Post, HSJ and Digital