Our business model

Our vision is to support longer and healthier lives for everyone. We do this by facilitating joined-up healthcare through innovative IT.

Our key inputs 

  • Innovative connected technology services.
  • Highly skilled people.
  • Trusted brand.
  • Strong relationships strategically aligned with government, partners and the markets we serve.
  • Strong revenue visibility.
  • Responsible leadership.
  • Strong culture of putting both patients and customers first.


EMIS Group business model

How we generate revenue 

  • Software subscription and support - recurring.
  • Interface and connectivity charges - mainly recurring.
  • Hardware and related services - mainly non-recurring.
  • Other services - mixed recurring/non-recurring
  • Perpetual licences, training, consultancy and implementation - non-recurring.

How we add value 

  • We help make integrated care a reality across the healthcare industry.
  • Our systems and services are designed to support healthcare on the front line.
  • We provide trusted healthcare information and digital services to add value for the UK general public.
  • We deliver long-term growth in dividends and share price to add value for shareholders.
  • We provide business-to-business systems and services to enterprise customers in the healthcare market.
  • We are investing in technology innovation and software engineering roles as we accelerate new software development.  

Why customers choose us

Our markets 

Covid-19 has accelerated technology adoption in the NHS. The desire for a digitised NHS was already in place, as set out in the 2019 NHS Long Term Plan, and the pandemic served to drive the pace of change. Initiatives such as NHS England’s “total triage” model set the agenda for more widespread data sharing and the digital delivery of front line healthcare; many believe these changes are here to stay.

The National Audit Office (NAO) reports that “digital transformation in the NHS will increase in importance as a result of the crisis” and NHS Confederation chief executive, Niall Dickson, has said we should see “virtual by default” as the new normal in key areas of delivery.

An RCGP survey of GPs in July 2020 reported that 88% of respondents said their surgery was equipped to deliver video or e-consultations, an increase from 5% before the pandemic.

Covid-19 has also shone a spotlight on the importance of data to protect public health. From tracking and monitoring the spread of the virus to understanding the risk factors for different population groups, data-driven analysis has become a critical tool.

The changing market gives EMIS an opportunity to do what it does best: grow, adapt, innovate, partner and most of all continue to be at the forefront of advancing technology for the UK IT healthcare sector.

See the 2020 annual report and accounts for more detail on our markets.