Our business model

Our vision is to support longer and healthier lives for everyone. We do this by facilitating improved clinical outcomes and efficiency through connected technology services.

Our key inputs 

  • Innovative connected technology services.
  • Highly skilled people.
  • Trusted brand.
  • Strong relationships and strategically aligned with government, partners and the markets we serve.
  • Strong revenue visibility.
  • Responsible leadership.
  • Strong culture of caring for both customers and patients.


Our business model places integrated care at the centre

What we do

  • Provide the front line technology that clinicians rely on to manage patient care – from GPs to A&E doctors to community nurses and hospital pharmacists.
  • Supply intelligent analysis software to help with planning and management. 
  • Bring people, data and systems together, whether that is connecting community clinicians using mobile solutions or partnering with innovative tech start-ups.
  • Keep our customers up and running: from technical support to engineering to business continuity systems.
  • Put patient care first: through technology at Patient or by providing the very best service to our customers and end-users.

How we generate revenue 

  • Software and software licences.
  • Software maintenance and support.
  • Hosting services.
  • Hardware installation, maintenance and support.
  • Training, consultancy and implementation.
  • Other support services. 
  • Interoperability fees.
  • Business to business services in healthcare.

How we add value 

  • We help make integrated care a reality across Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to add value for our customers.
  • Our systems and services are designed to support healthcare on the front line to add value for clinicians.
  • We provide trusted healthcare information and digital services to add value for the UK general public.
  • We deliver long-term growth in dividends and share price to add value for shareholders.
  • We provide B2B systems and services to add value for our enterprise customers in the healthcare market.

Why customers choose us

Our markets 

The changing shape of NHS strategy places technology at the centre. EMIS Group continues to align its strategies with planned and published government policy on healthcare and technology. 

The situation for the NHS is complex: increasing demand through ageing populations and multiple long-term conditions, along with an unswerving commitment to offer the best quality of care, is challenged by the drive for efficiency and limits on available funding. Technology is increasingly proving to be the answer, with NHS IT programmes and funding streams created to invest in technology to address this challenge. Technology from EMIS Group can make a real difference, specifically in the areas of integrated care, medicines management and digitally enabled patient care.

See the 2018 annual report and accounts for more detail on our markets.