Our history

EMIS Group began in March 1987 as Egton Medical Information Systems by Dr Peter Sowerby and Dr David Stables, both GPs in Egton, North Yorkshire, and Tony Jones.

They identified an opportunity to develop and supply practice management software to GP practices at a time when GPs’ systems and records were largely paper based.

The Group’s first GP clinical software, named ‘EMIS’, had a character-based user interface and was developed from 1987, with full commercial roll-out taking place in 1990.

In 1999 the company established Egton, the hardware, engineering and technical services arm of EMIS. With a focus on keeping IT healthy, to this day many organisations both in and outside the healthcare industry rely on Egton to keep their IT running smoothly 24/7.

In April 2008, as part of a management buyout, the whole of EMIS’ issued share capital was acquired by EMIS Group, a company specifically incorporated for the purposes of this transaction.

EMIS Group was listed on the AIM market in 2010.


In 2010 the Group acquired Rx Systems, providing software to community pharmacies across the UK for managing dispensing and patients’ medications.

EMIS Group acquired Ascribe and Digital Healthcare in 2013, leading software and IT services providers to secondary care and diabetic retinopathy respectively.

In 2014 Indigo 4 was acquired, bringing their portfolio of communication and data translation tools to Ascribe. Also in 2014 was the acquisition of Medical Imaging, which was rebranded to EMIS Care in 2016. 

EMIS Group acquired Pinbellcom in June 2015, a leading supplier of administration and compliance software to both the primary and secondary care markets. The company joined the Egton brand, and was rebranded to Egton Digital in the same year. 

In 2015 EMIS Group’s patient information website was rebranded from Patient.co.uk to Patient (https://patient.info) to reflect the site’s growing international visitor base.

In December 2016 Egton extended the Group's capability into social care through the acquisition of Intrelate. 

EMIS Group announced the acquisition of Dovetail Digital Limited ("Dovetail Lab") in November 2018, a leading early stage UK technology business specialising in blockchain software for the healthcare market.

EMIS Group disposed of its non-core Specialist & Care segment to Northgate Public Services (UK) Limited in April 2019.

In March 2020, EMIS Group acquired Pinnacle Health Partnership LLP and Pinnacle Systems Management Ltd – owners and operators of PharmOutcomes, used by more than 11,000 community pharmacies.

EMIS Health

In 2015, EMIS Group launched EMIS Health, bringing together EMIS, Ascribe, Rx Systems, Digital Healthcare and Indigo 4 into one integrated company, offering ground-breaking integrated technology to our customers.

EMIS Group today

Today EMIS Group’s products and services are used by 10,000 healthcare organisations across the UK. Our unique reach means we’re helping our customers join up healthcare in a cost-effective, efficient and practical manner, and that’s one of the reasons why we’re continuing to grow successfully in all of our sectors.

EMIS Group: supporting longer and healthier lives.