Our strategy

To support longer and healthier lives for everyone by providing high-quality healthcare technology that supports clinicians.

The changing shape of NHS strategy places technology at the centre of an efficient NHS.

EMIS Group is focussed on delivering high-quality healthcare technology that supports clinicians. We do this through six key areas: 

1. Highest clinical content and standards

EMIS Group is absolutely committed to the highest clinical standards. In 2018 it developed its proactive approach to deliver continuous improvement in patient safety.

2. Customer satisfaction 

EMIS Group’s four key values (joined up, caring, accountable and innovative) ensure that customer satisfaction is always front of mind.

3. Medium-term growth 

An attractive balance of NHS and B2B sector opportunities will drive medium-term growth.

4. Connected healthcare 

The NHS-oriented areas of EMIS Group are helping customers deliver integrated care enabled by new technology.

5. Product innovation 

EMIS Group has a long history of being first to market with new technologies to solve problems in the industry; this is set to continue at pace.

6. Focus on people development

The power of the team is the power of EMIS Group: a combination of people with knowledge and expertise grown within the business together with incoming new talent and skills.

You can read more detail in the 2018 annual report and accounts

You can also find information on our KPIs, our markets and our risks and how we manage them in the 2018 annual report and accounts.