Our strategy

Enabling better care through technology innovation.

EMIS Group’s vision is to be the leading provider of innovative healthcare technology that improves people’s lives. EMIS delivers this by providing connected care solutions for clinicians and a digital front door to healthcare for the UK public.

Driving the vision are five strategic principles – growth, technology transformation, customer experience, governance and simplification, and people focus – which unite the Group in its purpose to enable better patient care.

EMIS is strategically aligned with current and future NHS policy, particularly focussed on the common goal to digitise and integrate healthcare. When technology is joined up, healthcare services can operate in a co-ordinated, efficient and effective way that has a positive impact on patient outcomes and experience, from reduced waiting times to more meaningful interactions with clinicians. That is vital to all of EMIS’s customers. EMIS Group’s strategy enables the vision of integrated care to become a reality, creating a joined-up NHS across all major settings.

1. Growth

EMIS’s priorities are aligned to meet market needs and the business is focussed on growth through investment in technology and product innovation.

2. Technology transformation

EMIS Group’s purpose is to enable better care through innovation.

3. Customer experience

Customer satisfaction is a key cornerstone of EMIS’s strategy – the business aims to delight its customers through every product and service interaction.

4. Governance and simplification

Governance is a key priority for EMIS – whether that is data security, clinical safety, business integrity or ensuring the business is performing optimally.

5. People focus

EMIS’s strategy to attract, retain, inspire and reward its employees will help the business reach the next stage of growth.


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