Our strategy

Our vision: to support longer and healthier lives for everyone by providing integrated, excellent and innovative healthcare IT.

Our strategy is to assist the NHS and other healthcare providers in becoming 21st century accountable care organisations by helping mobilise, maximise and monetise clinical data access for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

EMIS Group's 2016 achievements and 2017 priorities are as below:

  1. one EMIS Group

2. deliver financial performance  

3. people: communication, engagement and development

4. strategic customer and stakeholder engagement

5. deliver a one-system brand and product strategy

6. promote customer and clinical operational outcomes

7. further enhancement of patient online services

8. consolidate clinical services provision. 


You can read more detail in the 2016 annual report and accounts

You can also find information on our risks and how we manage them in the 2016 annual report and accounts.