Our strategy

To support longer and healthier lives for everyone by providing high quality healthcare technology.

EMIS Group and NHS strategy in alignment: putting IT at the heart of an efficient NHS.

The Group's strategy and achievements are focused on the below key areas: 

1. Highest clinical content and standards

Ensure the highest clinical standards across all of the Group’s software products and services, as well as diabetic eye screening provision. The Group employs a number of clinicians across the Group to ensure that its software, services and care are of the highest clinical quality.

2. Customer satisfaction 

Ensure customer satisfaction for customers, end users and their patients. For example, the Group set up a dedicated customer-focussed team in 2017 to drive up customer service and product quality standards throughout the whole of EMIS Health.

3. Medium-term growth 

Achieve medium-term growth through separate accountable areas of the business. Common leadership across EMIS Health has generated a balance between the overarching objective of supporting joined-up care across the NHS and sector-specific growth.

4. Connected healthcare 

Enable connected healthcare. Across the NHS, organisations are being asked to do more with less. With EMIS Group products and services, clinicians can deliver the most efficient and best care possible with joined-up IT systems.

5. Product innovation 

Continued product innovation to provide the healthcare industry with the smartest technology before anyone else. EMIS Group innovates, develops and provides products and systems that transform lives – both for frontline clinicians and for the patients they treat.

6. Focus on people development

Focus on people development to empower staff to deliver the best products, service and customer experience they can. EMIS Group’s framework of values underpins high standards of performance across the business.


You can read more detail in the 2017 annual report and accounts

You can also find information on our KPIs, our markets and our risks and how we manage them in the 2017 annual report and accounts.