Proposed acquisition of EMIS Group

Our strategy

Enabling better care through technology innovation.

EMIS continues to deliver its strategy of growth through innovation, modernisation and acquisition of relevant technologies that benefit its customers.

The Group is committed to growing the overall business both organically and inorganically while increasing efficiency of operations and improving customer experience.

Organic growth

Focussing on quality and innovation in EMIS’s current and evolving product portfolio will drive organic growth in existing EMIS Health markets. Innovation will drive growth into new markets in EMIS Enterprise, including research and life sciences.

Elite partnerships

EMIS’s partnerships continue to go from strength to strength, contributing positively to the overall Group ecosystem. EMIS forms elite partnerships to enhance its overall capability, to bring solutions to market more quickly.

Targeted M&A

EMIS’s 2020 acquisition of Pinnacle demonstrates how small targeted businesses can seamlessly merge into the Group and quickly start making a positive contribution to both revenue and strategy. The Group continues to evaluate targeted M&A opportunities that can add new capabilities such as the January 2022 acquisition of Edenbridge Healthcare and March 2022 acquisition of FourteenFish.

There are four interlinked pillars of EMIS Group strategy:

1. Sustainable financial growth

The Group is focussed on growth through technology innovation, positive customer experience and close customer relationships. Growth will enable EMIS’s vision to be the leading provider of innovative technology that improves people’s lives. All stakeholders will benefit from EMIS’s growth, bringing the Group closer to its long-term goal of 30% margin, considering investor priorities. Growth into new markets means customers benefit from better integrated healthcare systems. Employees will benefit from employment opportunities and career progression.

2. Technology innovation

EMIS’s technology innovation strategy centres on accelerating digitisation of the NHS to support better patient outcomes. The efficiency of every transaction in healthcare relies on technology, and customers’ needs are considered in every software release large or small – from national customers such as NHS Digital to end user clinicians. The UK public benefits directly from EMIS’s digital front door services and indirectly from better health outcomes from an efficient and informed digitised healthcare service.

3. User, customer and partner experience

EMIS’s strategy is to help customers do what they do best: support patient care at every level, from clinicians through to researchers. With a focus on high quality service, products and delivery, EMIS’s culture is to consider its customers in every decision. For investors this focus leads to business retention and growth. Users, customers and partners will have the best possible experience with EMIS products and services, leading to a greater sense of job satisfaction and corporate pride for employees.

4. ESG

EMIS’s business goals are underpinned by strong ESG principles. During 2021 EMIS formalised its existing commitment to governance and employee wellbeing into a full ESG strategy, adding environmental targets. The Group’s materiality assessment ensured all stakeholders’ views were considered when setting its ESG priorities and goals, ranging from preparing for the Task Force on Climate related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to diversity and inclusion.

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