EMIS Group is committed to its sustainability policy to minimise its impact on the environments.

Environmental management 

EMIS Group continues to hold the ISO14001 Environmental Management System standard, maintaining its focus on the impact of waste, travel and utility usage on the environment.

ISO14001 accreditation currently covers Group operations in the UK only, but during 2018 the Group also began to report on some areas of its operations in India.


During the year there was an 8% per head reduction in the total electronic waste disposed and a 14% per head reduction in confidential waste across the UK (excluding EMIS Care).


The Group offers the cycle to work scheme and hybrid company fleet vehicles, to encourage its people to make more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly choices. In 2018 the CO2 emissions average of the fleet was 105g/km (2017: 109g/km).


EMIS Group aims to implement energy-efficient programmes when replacing equipment and services, including office redevelopment, to reduce its energy consumption. In 2018 energy consumption at the major sites was 6,254,962 kWh (2017: 7,169,207 kWh) giving a reduction of 13%.

Health and safety 

EMIS Group is committed to maintaining high standards of health and safety. New starters receive health and safety training during their induction period and refresher training is provided to all employees every 18 months.

One RIDDOR accident was reported during the year, which was a reduction on the previous year (2017: three RIDDOR accidents).