EMIS Group is committed to its sustainability policy to minimise its impact on the environment.

Environmental management 

EMIS Group has completed an Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) (Phase 2) Assessment and notified the Environment Agency of compliance. From January 2020 EMIS Group will be compiling energy data to comply with the Streamlined Energy Carbon Report regulation and will disclose data on energy consumption in the 2020 annual report and accounts.


There has been an overall increase of 5% in total electrical waste handled in 2019 (25 tonnes). This increase is due to a programme for one of the Group’s customers to dispose of printers and monitors. Electrical waste figures incorporate both EMIS Group and customer waste.


The Group offers the cycle to work scheme and hybrid company fleet vehicles, to encourage its employees to make more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly choices.

The number of fleet vehicles has reduced over the year and 52% of new orders are for hybrid vehicles.


EMIS Group continues to implement energy efficient technologies during redevelopment work on its buildings and also within the data centres to assist in energy reduction.

In 2020 the Group will consider other projects that will help to reduce its impact on the environment.

Health and safety 

EMIS Group is committed to maintaining high standards of health and safety. New starters receive health and safety training during their induction period and refresher training is provided to all employees every 18 months.

Two RIDDOR accidents were reported during the year (2018: one RIDDOR accident).


See the 2019 annual report and accounts for more detail.